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Recommended: 5 Films Set in Nazi Germany

Even if you're a history buff you might not have seen all of these.

Image: Tomas Mazowski
Updated: February 28, 2024

Netflix offers a compelling selection of war movies, and many that delve into the complex and dark times of Nazi Germany, either during or before the Second World War. These films not only provide historical insights but also explore the human spirit's resilience, resistance, and moral dilemmas in the face of tyranny. Here's a look at five of these thought-provoking movies available on Netflix:

Twin Sisters (2002)

This poignant drama tells the story of two sisters who are separated in childhood and grow up in vastly different circumstances: one in Nazi Germany and the other in the Netherlands. Their divergent paths lead to a deeply emotional reunion against the backdrop of World War II. The film beautifully captures the enduring bond of family and the tragic impact of war on personal lives.

Twin Sisters (2002)
Director: Ben Sombogaart
Cast: Ellen Vogel, Gudrun Okras, Thekla Reuten, Nadja Uhl, Julia Koopmans, Sina Richardt, Betty Schuurman, Jaap Spijkers

Elser (2015)

Also known as "13 Minutes," this gripping film recounts the true story of Georg Elser, a carpenter who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1939. With meticulous planning and a profound sense of moral urgency, Elser's nearly successful attempt came just 13 minutes short. The movie dives deep into his motivations, the preparation for the assassination, and the aftermath, offering a fascinating look at a nearly forgotten hero of resistance against the Nazi regime.

13 Minutes (2015)
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Cast: Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Burghart Klaußner, Johann von Bülow, Felix Eitner, David Zimmerschied, Rüdiger Klink, Simon Licht

Das Boot (1981)

A classic in war cinema, "Das Boot" explores the life-threatening conditions and psychological tensions aboard a German U-boat during WWII. This film is renowned for its intense, claustrophobic portrayal of submarine warfare, highlighting the sailors' bravery, fear, and camaraderie under the most dire circumstances. It's a gripping tale of survival and the horrors of war, seen from a perspective not commonly explored in Hollywood.

Das Boot: Director's Cut (1981)
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Jürgen Prochnow, Klaus Wennemann, Herbert Grönemeyer, Hubertus Bengsch, Martin Semmelrogge, Bernd Tauber, Erwin Leder, Martin May

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate (2023)

This documentary offers a unique and powerful exploration of how art and expression became acts of resistance against the Nazi regime. By focusing on the stories of artists, musicians, and writers who used their crafts to oppose fascism, "Eldorado" provides an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit and the role of culture in battling oppression.

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate (2023)
Director: Benjamin Cantu

The Photographer Of Mauthausen (2018)

Based on real events, this film follows Francisco Boix, a Spanish prisoner in the Mauthausen concentration camp, who risks his life to smuggle photographs documenting the atrocities committed within the camp walls. These images played a crucial role in bringing Nazi crimes to light. The movie is a harrowing look at the courage and defiance of those who fought to reveal the truth of the Holocaust.

The Photographer Of Mauthausen (2018)
Director: Mar Targarona
Cast: Mario Casas, Richard van Weyden, Alain Hernández, Adrià Salazar, Eduard Buch, Stefan Weinert, Rubén Yuste, Nikola Stojanovic
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