Under the Hawthorn Tree

2010 • 1 h 53 min DramaRomance

Movie. High schooler Jing Qiu goes to the provinces for re-education. She and geology student Lao San fall in love, but politics and duty may part them.

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Where can you watch Under the Hawthorn Tree?

Available on Netflix in Hong Kong

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Flag: Hong Kong Netflix Hong Kong Available since: December 31, 2021 Audio: Mandarin [Original] Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese Not available in your region? Unblock international Netflix and watch this title now »

Available on Netflix in other countries

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Unavailable on Netflix in other countries

Is Under the Hawthorn Tree on Netflix Hong Kong?

Yes, Under the Hawthorn Tree is available to stream on Netflix Hong Kong. It was added to the streaming service on December 31, 2021.

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Age Rating

'Under the Hawthorn Tree' is rated 10, indicating it is suitable for viewers aged 10 and above. This classification suggests the title may contain mild violence, or brief sequences containing strong language, but nothing that would be considered inappropriate for children in this age group.

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