The Bag Man

2014 • 1 h 48 min CrimeThriller United States, Bahamas

Movie. A criminal waits in a seedy motel for his boss after killing several men to steal a bag.

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Where can you watch The Bag Man?

Available on Netflix in Hong Kong

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Available on Netflix in other countries

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  • Australia Netflix Australia Available since: August 2, 2023 Audio: English [Original], Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) Subtitles: Arabic, English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America)


Is The Bag Man on Netflix Hong Kong?

Unfortunately, The Bag Man is not available on Netflix Hong Kong. However, it is available in the Netflix libraries of other countries and can be streamed using a VPN. Check out our guide on how to easily change your Netflix country, for example, to Australia, where The Bag Man is currently available:

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Age Rating

'The Bag Man' is rated 14, indicating it is suitable for viewers aged 14 and over. It may include moderate violence, suggestive themes, or language that requires a more mature understanding.

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